2019 chevy el camino Exterior and Interior

Saturday, April 7th, 2018 - Chevrolet

The 2019 Chevy El Camino is ready to make a grand re-entry into the car market once again after it was ceased production in the late 60’s This famous pickup truck will feature a range of new improvements that will make it competitive to go in line with other modern cars. Changes can be seen in the form of visuals starting from the car’s body and extending till under the hood. Chevrolet has finally decided to bank in on the popularity of recent truck models and make another gamble with this new 2019 Chevy El Camino and improved comeback model.

2019 Chevy El Camino: History and Engine with Fuel Economy

The El Camino has a rich history to back up its cult status in the market. The first model was produced during 1959 to counter its then formidable foe- Ford Ranchero, but it did not receive the kind of welcome that the company had hoped for, thus leading to its early demise within just two years. The first re-entry happened in 1987, and it received more appreciation than what it got before.

There were significant differences between the first and generation engines. Second- generation engine had power output of 120 hp and other improvements to its exterior and interior design.

The concept of 2019 Chevy El Camino came with two engine types, starting with a 6.0 litre V8 engine for its base variant. This engine has the power to produce a maximum of 360 hp while 300 hp would be produced by the 3.2 litre V6 unit. There are yet no stats available regarding its fuel consumption, but we expect the company to reveal them soon.

2019 Chevy El Camino: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The 2019 Chevy El Camino will now come with an additional SS trim level, which is higher up in line than its base variant. It will feature a redesigned front grille, advanced air intakes as well as slight modifications to both front and rear bumpers. This luxury truck will have an aggressive new styling system that is sure to make an impact on modern consumers, especially among the young crowd. Chevrolet has also promised attractive trim levels going by the name of Super Spot, Royal Knight and finally Black Knight. It will ride with style featuring all new alloy wheels that look exceptionally gorgeous when in motion.

Numerous enhancements are also expected to their way inside the 2019 Chevy El Camino. It includes leather seats with heat control, more cabin space for more comfortable head and leg placement and automatic air conditioning system. There will also be a wide array of infotainment and safety features that include a superb audio system, touch- screen centre console, Navigation system, Cruise Control and safety airbags for its passengers.

2019 Chevy El Camino: Release Date and Price

It is still a mystery when the 2019 Chevy El Camino might go on sale, and we believe that it is a clever ploy on the company’s part to increase its hype. We can expect it to hit storeroom shelves any time around 2019 with a price tag of around $ 20 000 for the base variant.

2019 chevy el camino Exterior and Interior Pictures

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